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Daily Updates and Reminders

Week 2

Monday, June 17


Bring your laptops, and your ideas about 1 or 2 items that you learned about to use as a presentation topic.

Today is a "presentation working day". 

The afternoon will be star-studded, and will be hosted by CSU - Alumni: Industry and Government Chemists and Professionals at all levels.  All of your questions about careers in science will be answered.

Tuesday, June 18

Public Speaking Wizards!

Bring your laptops, 

Continue working on your presentation.

Presentation Pros will be available to give guidance and tips on how to deliver  thoughtful and engaging presentations 

Wednesday, June 19

Juneteenth at the DuSable Museum

10:00 AM

Shuttle bus will pick-up at the Residence Hall


wear tees, comfortable clothing, tennis shoes,


optional: bring blanket, money to buy vendor items and food

Galvanstan, TX

June 19, 1865

DuSable Museum of Black History - Festival

Thursday, June 20

A trip to FERMI Lab

Friday, June 21

Presentation Day!

Week 1

Monday, June 10


Tuesday, June 11

New High-Instruments

and Quantum Platform

Wednesday, June 12

More Quantum for all

Thursday, June 13

NSF Site Visit at the University of Chicago

Don't forget, we'll need your signed W9

Continued laboratory experiences today:  AFM, SEM, Interference, Double-Slit, Quantum Platform

Friday, June 14

View the sights at CQE!

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